Larry Ham


Larry Ham’s solo release, Just Me, Just You, introduces a pianist well on his way to becoming a jazz master. The subtle modulation of dynamics and the rhythmic variations are typical of Ham’s level of sophistication, a refined level beyond the reach of most of his contemporaries. He’s a pianist with deep jazz and classical resources and exquisite technique.
Overall, Just Me, Just You provides an hour’s worth of evidence that there’s much to look forward to with this subtle pianist. How good he will become appears to be an open question.”
Mike Neely-All About Jazz

“There is an intimacy and directness and honesty here that makes this music very good company.”
Thomas Conrad-JazzTimes (Review of Just Me, Just You)

“With this CD, Larry Ham takes his place among a plethora of jazz pianists who have made great solo piano statements for the Arbors label. He should be proud of his contribution.”
Jazz Society of Oregon

“Just Me, Just You (Arbors-19367) the new solo album from pianist Larry Ham, is the latest entry in the Arbors Piano Series. Ham is one of those cats just overflowing with ideas, and this CD is a fine illustration of his imagination … a glorious tour of solo jazz piano by one of the best players currently on the scene.”
Joe Lang-Jersey Jazz Society

“Larry Ham uses a vamp to set up and add excitement to a very swinging solo on the revised harmonic structure of the song.”
-Dr. Billy Taylor

“Pianist Larry Ham is a master…in the legacy of Hank Jones and Jimmy Rowles.”
– Nat Hentoff

“He glides over the keys with every note, even those in a grace note turn, articulated cleanly. His graceful single note lines seek out and find catchy melodic figures implied in the chords. When applied to ‘Easy Living,’ a ballad he clearly knows intimately and with great affection, his playing is masterful as he strokes its melodic contours.”
– David Dupont
Cadence Jazz Magazine Review of “Carousel”

“Ham is particularly good at reharmonising tunes, subtly shifting their harmonic centre of gravity in ways that are both playful and instructive.”
– Jonathan Woolf
MusicWeb International Review of “Carousel”

“Pianist Larry Ham is one of the best-kept secrets on the New York jazz scene. He is a terrific accompanist, and a wonderfully creative soloist.”
– Joe Lang
Jersey Jazz-Review of “Carousel”

“Ham is a versatile player capable of effortless sounding bebop lines and emotionally acute ballad interpretations. He plays with a touch that is evidence of a significant classical background while having the jazz ears and lack of ego to mesh beautifully with May and Locke.”
– Mike Neely
All About Jazz (review of “Swingin’ The Blues”)

“There was no letup in the resilient beat of Earl May, pianist Larry Ham and drummer Eddie Locke.
– Ira Gitler, Jazz Times

“Pianist Larry Ham-he’s worth investigating.”
– The New Yorker

“Pianist Larry Ham often contrasted light, ringing ideas from the right hand with denser, heartier thoughts from the left. It all had a song-like quality.”
“Ham’s ‘Under African Skies’ had the flavor of a Duke Ellington song. His improvisation found one line unfurling, then another. It was a pleasure to see where he took his thoughts.”
– Zan Stewart, Newark Star-Ledger

“Larry Ham is a master accompanist.”
– Winthrop Bedford, JazzImprov Magazine

“…a series of quartet arrangements nicely underpinned by pianist Larry Ham.”
– Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

“Larry Ham has that delightful ability to surprise the listener, keeping you constantly listening for what comes next.”
– Charlie Selvard, The Marlboro Enterprise